Where do Legal Nurse Consultants Work

Although many legal Nurse Consultants set up their own businesses and work as Independent Contractors, everyone who becomes a Legal Nurse Consultant does not choose to become self employed. Owning your own business means you must be dedicated to doing your own marketing, handling your own business requirements, paying your taxes and motivating yourself each day to work your business
Working for another company is a viable option for Legal Nurse Consultants. Most Legal Nurse Consultants who work for another company work Monday thru Friday with paid vacations, holidays and sick time. Some other advantages include regular work hours, regular paychecks and benefits such as medical insurance and retirement plans. Not everyone enjoys being self employed. It will be important for you to determine if you are best suited to self employment or working for someone else.
Companies that hire Legal Nurse Consultants include:
• Insurance Companies
• Plaintiff Attorneys
• Defense Attorneys
• Health maintenance Organizations
• Hospitals
• Other Medical Facilities
• Private Industries
• Government Entities
Most companies who hire Legal Nurse Consultants will require that you have an active Registered Nurse License as well as experience either in a specialty field or a broad base of Nursing experience as well as training as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Some companies may require some type of legal training. Companies that will provide on the job training also hire Registered Nurses as Legal Nurse Consultants. There are many companies that offer courses in Legal Nurse Consulting. These courses can be taken online, by CD, or in an actual class setting. You will have many options and can choose the type of course that can work best for you.
Your updated resume will be required for employment. You will want your resume to include your educational background, all of your relevant Nursing experience, as well as courses you have taken in Legal Nurse Consulting. Your resume should be very professional. If you need assistance, there are many resume service companies who can help.

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