What Items Will I Need to Begin Work as a Legal Nurse Consultant?

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What will I need to begin work as a Legal Nurse Consultant?

There are some special items you will need to begin your work as a Legal Nurse Consultant.  Fortunately, most of them you may have and all will be somewhat familiar to you.  Equipment and Supplies will include the following:

  • Dedicated office space in your home with office furniture and supplies
  • A Filing System  and necessary forms
  • A computer and printer are absolutely necessary.  You may receive records via email from your attorney clients, and your work will require a computer.
  • A locked cabinet in which to store records when you are not working on them
  • A dedicated phone line that can be used for your business
  • A fax machine, or if you prefer, a dedicated fax number thru one of the many internet services that will provide fax via email.
  • Your business cards and stationary
  • Reference materials for Nursing, Medical Research, and other resources
  • At least one business suit for meeting with your attorney client

This list of equipment and supplies will expand as your Legal Nurse Consultant business expands.  You will soon know which other items you may need to purchase for your growing business.

If you choose to work in some else’s office as their employee, of course, they will provide all of the equipment and supplies you will need.  If you work as a subcontractor, you will need to purchase your own equipment and supplies, just as you would if you owned your own business.


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