What Does A Legal Nurse Consultant Do

The  role of the Legal Nurse Consultant depends on the environment in which she is working.

Legal Nurse Consultants may own their own consulting businesses.  Their job may include working as a consultant with Plaintiff or Defense Attorneys or they may testify as an Expert Witness on a malpractice case.

Legal Nurse Consultants may also be employees of  other companies, such as insurance companies, hospitals, or law firms.

The job descriptions may be different in each setting, but the overall work that they do is to interpret and evaluate medical information in a way that clarifies a given medical situation.  They use the Standards of Care for interpreting whether correct procedures were followed and whether the procedures caused harm to the patient.

Specific Tasks performed by the Legal Nurse Consultant can include:

  • Searching Medical and Nursing Literature
  • Organizing Medical Records
  • Determining if Standards of Care were met in a given medical situation
  • Assessing whether an incident cased medical injuries
  • Preparing questions for an attorney to ask
  • Being present and taking notes at Independent Medical Examinations
  • Evaluating Medical Records to determine if a case has merit
  • Writing reports for the attorney based on their findings
  • Testifying at trials if an expert in their field
  • Assisting in preparing Life Care Plans for individuals who are injured due to malpractice or personal injury

The Legal Nurse Consultant uses all of their Nursing Education, training , skills and experience in  their consulting role.  They interpret medical data and knowledge of the health care system to assist in understanding and clarifying if and/or how a patient was injured due to a particular procedure or incident.  The job description and the tasks performed by the Legal Nurse Consultant can expand with the particular work performed, the attorney they work with or the company they work for.





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