Legal Nurse Class Diary – Days 3 and 4

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Days Three and Four of Class

This was the time when I hit a wall and started asking myself  “why am I here?”, “what am I doing to myself?”.  Why would I put myself thru something that is so foreign to anything I have ever done as a nurse?  I just was not sure I could remember the copious material, let alone apply it to real life situations and cases.  My doubts began to creep in.  Could I really do this?

I started wondering how everyone else was thinking and what they were feeling, so I decided to be brave and begin asking some of my fellow students.

Their answers to how they were doing were all so different.  All of us seemed to be worried about mastering different aspects of Legal Nurse Consulting.  I was very comfortable with marketing and setting up my office space.  For some nurses, the thought of having to go out and market themselves was overwhelming.  Other nurses were concerned about writing up the actual reports that would be delivered to their attorney clients.  Some were scared to actually go and talk to an attorney. I think all of us were wondering if we had enough nursing knowledge and skill to tackle this new arena of nursing.    But we soldiered on with the class hoping for a breakthrough.

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