Legal Nurse Class Diary – Day 2

Day Two of Class

Today was even better than the first day because I was not nervous and knew what to expect.  I was sure I could do very well in the class and learn the material and begin my career at the end of the class fully ready to take on the world of Legal Nurse Consulting.  I met more nurses, we exchanged business cards and the excitement was building.  Some of my learning skills from college were coming back to me and I felt pretty comfortable with everything.  However, the last couple of hours of class were a little different, we had moved from legal terns to more complex case reviews.  I realized I needed to focus more in class instead of  reading ahead to the next chapter.  Driving home was stormy and a little scary at the end of the day because of severe thunder storms.  I did not realize at the time that it was also a forecast of the next couple of days in class.

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