Legal Nurse Class Diary – Day 1

I’m sharing with you a little bit about my journey to become a Legal Nurse Consultant. Here is a diary summing up my legal nurse course experience.

First Day of Class

It was exciting getting an overview of what we would be covering in my Legal Nurse Consulting Course, meeting the other motivated Registered Nurses, and getting all of the study materials for the course.  This was my first day of class for my new career, and the first time I’d sat in a classroom in 25 years! Yet I felt very optimistic that I could complete the course and learn the material.  There was a lot of material to cover, such as legal terms, what legal nurse consultants do, the kinds of cases we will work on, how to use the nursing process in our work, marketing, interviewing and so much more. There were a lot of legal terms in an over-sized book that were very easy for me since I have a best friend who is an attorney and shares a lot with me.  However, it was a reminder that I would have a lot to master before beginning my new career.

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After class I drove home feeling positive and optimistic.  I read most of the material during the legal nurse consultant class and during the breaks, so I was glad not to have to study at night.  I reminded myself that it has been a few years since I have sat in a classroom all day, so I think relaxing and calling it an early evening was my best choice.  I called the first day a success.

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