How to Market Yourself and Get Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

Finding work as a self-employed Legal Nurse Consultant will mean that you will need to effectively market yourself to those needing your consulting services so that they know you are available.

After setting up your business entity you will need to have your business cards, stationary, and envelopes printed.   These will become a part of the presentation you will mail to the businesses, such as attorneys, that you would like to consult with.  In addition to the above, you will need to have a professional resume that highlights your areas of nursing expertise.  Be sure to include all of your contact information.

Once you have all of your materials for marketing yourself, you will be able to seek work in the following ways.

  1. Make a list of attorneys in your area who specialize in malpractice and personal injury cases.

You will find listings of attorneys in the Phone Book and by contacting your State Bar Association,

  • Asking friends and acquaintances if they know anybody  who would benefit from your expertise.
  • You may also use search engines on the internet to locate attorneys.
  • Networking continuously through business organizations in your city such as Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Club Meetings
  1. Call the attorney’s office to let them know you will be sending information to them.
  2. Follow up on the mailing with another phone call and ask for a short appointment with the attorney.
  3. One of the most effective ways of finding work as a Legal Nurse Consultant will be to send out a periodic Newsletter to attorneys in your area with your contact information as well as newsworthy articles that attorneys will find of interest in their work.  If you do not feel that writing a Newsletter is your area of expertise, use a Legal Nurse Consultant Newsletter writer to write for you.



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