What is the Typical Legal Nurse Consultant Training Course Curriculum?

Posted May 2nd, 2011 in Legal Nurse Consultant Course, Legal Nurse Consultant Training by Legal Nurse Consultant

A Legal Nurse Consultant training course should cover the basic legal rules, terminology, and etiquette that you will need to get started working as a Legal nurse Consultant. Beginning a new career field will, however, require that you continue learning about your role, duties and responsibilities far beyond any Legal Nurse Consultant course that you may take, whether it is online or in a classroom.
Some of the things will learn in a course will include:

  • Legal terms, definitions and processes
  • How Standards of Care are used in the judicial process
  • The Role of the Legal Nurse Consultant in the judicial process
  • How to evaluate and write a report on a medical case
  • How to find work or market your Legal Nurse Consultant business

You should be given study material, including a study guide that you will be able to use for reference in the immediate stages of becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant, and further on in your career. These resources will be invaluable in your work and your learning.

Because the field is highly unregulated, your Legal Nurse Consultant training will vary greatly depending on what training course you take. Currently, there is no required standardization process for becoming a certified Legal Nurse Consultant other than that you are a Registered Nurse. You will be responsible for learning as much as you can beyond the course that you choose to take.

The legal process will require that you continue to train, learn, and go beyond your course curriculum in becoming a competent Legal nurse consultant. This continued training and learning will ultimately benefit you in your work with your attorney clients and in your own growth as a Registered Nurse.

You will still be using your nursing knowledge, the nursing process and your experience as a Registered Nurse, but with a different goal and plan.

Legal Nurse Class Diary – Day 1

Posted May 28th, 2011 in Legal Nurse Consultant Course, Legal Nurse Consultant Training by Legal Nurse Consultant

I’m sharing with you a little bit about my journey to become a Legal Nurse Consultant. Here is a diary summing up my legal nurse course experience.

First Day of Class

It was exciting getting an overview of what we would be covering in my Legal Nurse Consulting Course, meeting the other motivated Registered Nurses, and getting all of the study materials for the course.  This was my first day of class for my new career, and the first time I’d sat in a classroom in 25 years! Yet I felt very optimistic that I could complete the course and learn the material.  There was a lot of material to cover, such as legal terms, what legal nurse consultants do, the kinds of cases we will work on, how to use the nursing process in our work, marketing, interviewing and so much more. There were a lot of legal terms in an over-sized book that were very easy for me since I have a best friend who is an attorney and shares a lot with me.  However, it was a reminder that I would have a lot to master before beginning my new career.

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After class I drove home feeling positive and optimistic.  I read most of the material during the legal nurse consultant class and during the breaks, so I was glad not to have to study at night.  I reminded myself that it has been a few years since I have sat in a classroom all day, so I think relaxing and calling it an early evening was my best choice.  I called the first day a success.

Legal Nurse Class Diary – Day 2

Posted May 28th, 2011 in Legal Nurse Consultant Course, Legal Nurse Consultant Training by Legal Nurse Consultant

Day Two of Class

Today was even better than the first day because I was not nervous and knew what to expect.  I was sure I could do very well in the class and learn the material and begin my career at the end of the class fully ready to take on the world of Legal Nurse Consulting.  I met more nurses, we exchanged business cards and the excitement was building.  Some of my learning skills from college were coming back to me and I felt pretty comfortable with everything.  However, the last couple of hours of class were a little different, we had moved from legal terns to more complex case reviews.  I realized I needed to focus more in class instead of  reading ahead to the next chapter.  Driving home was stormy and a little scary at the end of the day because of severe thunder storms.  I did not realize at the time that it was also a forecast of the next couple of days in class.

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Legal Nurse Class Diary – Final Days

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Final Days of Classes

Even though our instructors continually reassured us that we would be able to become proficient, competent and excellent Legal Nurse Consultants during the entire class process; it wasn’t until the last days of class that my mind grasped the truth.    I knew more than I thought I did, I could still learn new processes involving nursing, I could apply my new knowledge in a Legal Nurse Consulting setting and be very successful.   I felt successful already.  I was ready for the next challenge of my new career.  We all said our goodbyes, exchanged last minute emails and promised to stay in touch.  But mostly we vowed to get started on building our new career right away.  I came home feeling relieved and satisfied. I had completed the course, learned a lot, and would continue learning  about my new career.