What are the Requirements to be a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Posted May 2nd, 2011 in Legal Nurse Consultant Requirements by Legal Nurse Consultant

The only absolute requirement for being a legal nurse consultant is that you are a Registered Nurse. The field is new and highly unregulated. However, Legal Nurse Consultants typically take some extra measures to learn more about the legal field and show prospective employees that they are serious about a new career path.

Before you open up the legal dictionary, it is important that you have had some time and experience working in a nursing clinical field. Typically 5 years of working as a nurse is sufficient, but if you are determined, you may find gainful Legal Nurse Consultant employment with less.

The experience you will have gained in understanding and using the Nursing Process with will be invaluable in your ability to work effectively as a Legal Nurse Consultant.

It will greatly benefit your being hired if you have taken some type Legal Nurse Consultant certification course.  Perspective employers will look for someone who can help them understand and assess medical cases for merit.  Taking a Legal Nurse Consultant training course is invaluable in helping you understand what will be required of you as a Legal Nurse Consultant and how to deliver a work product to your employer or attorney client that is concise, professional, clear and accurate.

Not all Legal Nurse Consultants have taken a course.  Remember the profession of Legal Nurse Consulting is currently unregulated.  However, having a course listed on your resume will be of great advantage to you and to your potential employer.  You will be required to be able to write up your cases effectively, and that will include good writing skills, and a working knowledge of the Nursing Process and Standards of Care. Your prior nursing experience and use of the Nursing Process will be an asset in being hired.

You will also need to tailor your professional resume that highlights your education, training and experience as a Registered Nurse. It is important to market yourself well as a Legal Nurse Consultant, as you may not work in a single position full time, so you may wish to opt for a professional resume service. Chances are, you will be passing it around your local legal community for many eyes to see, and a good first impression is absolutely vital.

Armed with these qualifications, you will most certainly meet the Legal nurse consultant requirements necessary to find suitable employment.